Welcome to hell

There’s a trial thing for using the calendar and forums feature so I’ll start that after we officially start and see if we like it. Also I fixed the link for the resources so it should be the right folder now
Any questions just text me (if you don’t have my number I’m sure you can find it from someone).

I figured it would be nice to have some sort of collective thing on here to keep track of everything. I always forget shit in our other campaign so I figure here is a good place to keep track of events that happen, characters, maps, any sweet pics we take and even a schedule.

I’m pretty sure you guy’s can update stuff in here cause it’s basically like a wiki so do what ever you want.

The Story:

We will be running Storm King’s Thunder which is an official pre-made D&D adventure.
The general theme/lore is in the world of the Forgotten Realms the Giant’s have a sort of caste system based on the different Giant types. Some shit goes down and the giant society goes into general disarray.

This causes havoc and all sorts of destruction for you little ones.
Also dragons and giants are like the Sharks and the Jets in that they like knife fighting in the street while tied together at the wrists.

Giant Types:

Storm Cloud
storm_giant.jpg cloud.jpg
Frost Fire
frost.jpg fire2.jpg
Stone Hill
giantStone.jpg giantHill.jpg

Who are you?

You will have to build your character. If you haven’t played before that’s fine but I’m gonna assume you know enough about fantasy stuff to think of some kind of character. You can be nearly whatever you want. You can be a replica of Legolas or a fire breathing chest with a hundred legs that has lost its way but whatever you choose we will have to discuss it a bit.

If you have access to the official D&D 5e player’s handbook that’s the best place to start. Here are some (maybe illegal) resources for your character building in case you don’t feel like buying stuff.

Spellbook Generator.

Information on cities

A Giant Splinter

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